While it's been talked about for years now, it doesn't seem like we'll ever see a sequel to the movie "The Goonies". That said, you can relive the classic original film and even share the cult classic with your kids for free in Warrensburg a week from Friday, June 18.

36 years ago, on June 7, 1985 many of us got dropped off at the theater to see "The Goonies". If it didn't happen on the day of the film's release it happened soon after. And as the film grew older and older and became a cult film and a classic, talk of doing a sequel started to happen.

There's even a page on The Internet Movie Database that says "Goonies II" is in development. But after a groundswell of interest in the movie, and two well received reunions during the film's pandemic impacted 35th anniversary, one of the film's stars is saying he doesn't think it will happen.

Movieweb is reporting that Corey Feldman, who played Mouth in the film, took to Twitter, and the long and the short of it is that without Richard Donner, the original film's director, he doesn't think a sequel will be made. And Donner, now 91 years young, has said the film he's currently shooting, "Lethal Weapon 5", will be his Hollywood swan song.

For the record, Chris Columbus who wrote "The Goonies" screenplay, last year said he was energized and writing again due to the reunions. And "Goonies", was as much a Spielberg film as it was Donner's. So, if the actors want to do it, and a script can that's as good or better than the original can pass muster with Spielberg himself, it's possible. It just doesn't seem probable, especially since the Movieweb article cites Spielberg saying they didn't do a "Goonies II" because they never found an idea better than the original.

That said. We still have the original. And you can see it outdoors for free on the Johnson County Courthouse lawn, Friday night June 18 thanks to Warrensburg Mainstreet. Families are encouraged to bring their blankets and chairs and stretch out and enjoy the film! The movie will begin at dusk, which is between 7:30PM - 8:00PM CDT, and concessions will be available for purchase thanks to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Johnson County, and proceeds will benefit their organization.

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