With children back in school and winter weather right around the corner, a lot of people may start to get lonely throughout the day. It may be a good time to start thinking about adopting a furry friend from the Sedalia Animal Shelter.

Students are back in school now, and some parents might be experiencing empty-nest syndrome. And maybe (just maybe) you miss some of the 'minor' chaos around the house?

Well, if you need a bit of unpredictability in your daily life, and a furry feline to help share in the experience, The Sedalia Animal Shelter is offering a feline adoption fee in September, for only $25.00. The cost includes spay and neuter, rabies vaccination (over 3 months old), rhinovirus vaccination, flea/tick treatment, de-worming, and a microchip.

According to the City of Sedalia Newletter, one of the featured felines this month is named Wonder Woman. She recently had dental surgery, with proceeds from the Trooper Fund., and her quality of life has 'drastically improved!'

Wonder Woman may have the name of a super hero, but now she needs a bit of help finding a forever home. For more information information about adoption at shelter, call 826-5816 and visit their Facebook page. Or stop by the Sedalia Animal Shelter, located at 2420 S. New York Avenue.

Courtesy of Sedalia Animal Shelter - Facebook

For a full list of pets at the Sedalia Animal Shelter, click here.

The City Newsletter noted some of the stats at the Shelter for the month of August:

Adopted-Out: 43%

Animals Returned to Owner: 20%

Transfer Rate: 16%

Live Release Rate: 91%

Randy Kirby