The Sacred Heart Jr. High Speech team participated in and hosted the Junior High Bellarmine Speech Contest on Saturday, Feb. 24, earning six blue ribbons (highest awarded), two red ribbons (second-highest awarded) and one white ribbon (third-highest awarded).

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This was the first competition for four out of the 10 participating members.

Pictured from left:  Coach Liz Van Leer, Mason McMullin (Humorous, "Constructive Criticism"); Sophia Sauser (Serious, "Choices"), Sofia Guevara (Humorous, original piece, "Siblings"); Sarah Kehl (Humorous, "Happily Never After"); Kendall DeHaven (Humorous, "Mom's Cruel and Unusual Punishment"); Abram May and Sm Diller (Duet, "Assult Toast"); Maggie Van Leer (Serious, "The Hitchhiker"); Sidnee City (Serious, "The Jesus Model"); and Madison Hill (Serious, "The Black Cat"). Not pictured, Chelsea Turner, Jr. High Speech assistant coach. 

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