Sacred Heart (3-4) recorded its first shutout of the year against the Green Ridge Tigers.


An early assist from Senior Kobey Hill to Freshman George Bain IV opened up the scoring mark for the Gremlins just five minutes into the game. John Ulbrich continued his excellent form commanding the midfield on both sides of the ball.

With 22 minutes to go in the second half, Ulbrich received a pass from Senior Kobey Hill and deftly touched it around the goalkeeper for a two goal advantage. Freshman Travon Martin had an exceptionally strong game at left back and provided a strong presence on offense by maintaining possession on the back line.

The combination of seniors Lucas Martin and Dallin Chappell held the Tigers to four shots on goal. Freshman defensive back Reuben Smith continues to grow into his starting role, improving each time out.

The Grems travel to Stover on Thursday night to face another conference opponent in the Bulldogs. Stover has a 4-3 record on the year and has had no trouble finding the back of the net.

On Friday, Sacred Heart hosts Christian Fellowship at 6 p.m.

Photo Credit: Ashley Smith

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