Smith-Cotton High School vocal and instrumental music students racked up 16 individual and three group “1” ratings at the 2017 MSHSAA State Music Festival held April 27-28 in Columbia.

Sedalia School District 200
Sedalia School District 200

Leading the way was sophomore Alex Beard, who received “1,” or exemplary, ratings for his vocal and piano solos, and as with the Beard Quartet with Ethan Beard, Brinton Beard and Gabe Decker.

The other groups receiving a “1” were the New Score Mixed Double Quartet of Aimee Carson, Morgan Westphal, Logan Tatum, Macey Hoover, Dalton Shepard, Noah Hanson, Zachary Gerlach and Chandler Gray; and the violin duet of Miriam Allen and Hannah Wagenknecht.

Vocal solo, “1” rating: Kirsten Weller, Logan Tatum, Alyssa Lowe, Breanna Hoover, Alex Beard, Ethan Beard, Madison Lamb, Olivia Dailey, Avery Mather, Morgan Mateja, Dalton Shepar

Instrumental solo, “1” rating: Edward Toderescu-Stavila (oboe), Hannah Pitts (clarinet), Valerio Toderescu-Stavila (horn), Miriam Allen (violin)
Piano solo, “1” rating: Alex Bear

Vocal solo, “2,” or outstanding, rating: Morgan Westphal, Emily Edwards, Macy Broyles

Instrumental solo, “2” rating: Sydney Kocsis (flute), Ashley Grotzinger (tenor saxophone), Michylah Hawkins (bassoon), Gabe Decker (trumpet), Calvin Pritchard (trombone), Hannah Wagenknecht (violin)

Piano solo, “2” rating: Andrew Poteet

Instrumental group, “2” rating: S-C Woodwind Trio (Sarah Bergman, Sydny Kocsis, Edward Toderescu-Stavila)

Instrumental solo, “3,” or satisfactory, rating: Sarah Bergman (flute), Erika Hilario (violin)
MLAMB: Smith-Cotton High junior Madison Lamb, shown performing with the New Score Singers show choir, received "1," or exemplary, rating for her vocal solo at the 2017 MSHSAA State Music Festival on April 27 in Columbia.

KOCSIS: Sydny Kocsis, a senior flute player, earned a "1" rating for her instrumental solo and a "2" as part of the S-C Woodwind Trio with Sarah Bergman and Edward Toderescu-Stavila at the MSHSAA State Music Festival.

Sedalia School District 200
Sedalia School District 200

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