SNAP participants can double up on delicious fruits and vegetables by taking advantage of the Double Up Food Bucks program at the Sedalia Area Farmers' Market this summer.

According to a post on the Sedalia Area Farmers' Market Facebook page, "SNAP participants who shop at our market can swipe their EBT cards to get tokens to use for food purchases. Through the Double Up program, SNAP participants receive a matching number of Double Up Food Bucks tokens for free, up to $25.00 a day. This doubles the amount of dollars they can spend on healthy food at the market."

The SNAP tokens can be used to buy any eligible SNAP items at the market, and the Double Up Food Bucks can be used to purchase any fresh fruit or vegetables being sold at the market.

The Sedalia Area Farmers' Market  says the program is good for the market. According to their Facebook post it brings new customers to the market. Increases revenue for the market's vendors. And helps families afford fresh food.

According to a Double Up Food Bucks customer she has been able to save money and use it for other things she needs, while trying new fruits and vegetables.

The Sedalia Area Farmers' Market is one of the few places outside of Kansas City offering the Double Bucks Food Program. The Cass County Farmers Market in Harrisonville and the Independence Uptown Farmers Market are two of the other area markets offering the Double Bucks Food Program. Some Kansas City area Price Chopper Grocery Stores are also offering the program.

You can learn more about the Double Up Food Bucks program here.

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