Why just throw a Frisbee when you can cut someone’s jugular with it?

Check out this video in which we learn how to arm a traditional Frisbee with four blades to create the most frightening toy this side of a Chucky doll.

It looks like something you might see a Bond villain use, right? It's crazy dangerous. With four blades, you can cut yourself simply by curling the Frisbee when you go to throw it. That's just one of the reasons the diabolical madman in the video refers to it as a "wheel of death" and "Frisbee of death," which sound exactly like the type of toy anyone would want to play with.

And once it's tossed, have no illusions the damage it can do. You do not want to be the cardboard box used in this demonstration and you most certainly don't want to be teammates with the lunatic who fires it to you during a game of ultimate frisbee.

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