It’s official – we are hooked on our smartphones.

A new survey has revealed that 63% of smartphone users check their device at least once an hour while awake. A truly addicted 9% look every five minutes and an astonishing 97% say they check their phone while with family and friends because if you can't be rude in front of your closest acquaintances who can you be rude in front of?

Despite this obsession with our devices, only 63% admit to being upset if they leave their phone at home.

One-third of all smartphone owners surveyed say they would be horrified if the information on their phones were shown on a big screen for the whole world to see, yet only 44% bother to use passcodes. Maybe they should – an earlier survey found 20% of smartphone owners confess to looking at someone else’s phone without being told they can. So, either get a password or do yourself a favor and delete any of those embarrassing selfies.

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