One of my favorite holidays of the year is Easter. It brings back a lot of great memories. Being an Air Force Brat, I can recall doing a few Easter Egg hunts with the youth center or a few squadron parties or even at the base church. I also have the great memories of waking up on Easter Morning and seeing the eggs hidden around the house or in the backyard if the weather was good.

I have to say that one of my favorite traditions was one my brother did, and that was making confetti eggs. I don’t remember the first year he did this, but it has stuck through and through over the years. Hollowing out eggs and loading them with paper or other small items and throwing them around, until they exploded in hand or my all time favorite, slamming it against somebody’s head and have the confetti rain down over the hair and body (don’t slam it too hard).

While the memories of being a kid are strong and celebrating Easter with Peter Cottontail, there are two memories that I most recall as an adult. One year I was asked to judge a talent contest at The Alamo (where Dukes & Boots is now located) and I judge with Mike Munsterman of Renegade Rail (now with Remedy 4 Redemption), Paul Wilburn of Full Moon and two other band members from area bands at that time. After we got done judging, I was asked to sing. So I got the other judges up and we led the whole bar in chorus with Here Comes Peter Cottontail. I sometimes wish there was a recording of that moment, but I think the other guys involved could easily tell you, they wish I would quit bringing it up and are thankful a recording doesn’t exist.

From the party days to the family days, Easter also means a time for church. The last two years of my Grandma Lafata’s life, I made it a point to bring my wife and two kids to visit Detroit. I think it always made her happy that I would visit and on top of that, would take her to church. She’d always take the time and introduce me to her church friends and family at St. Barnabas Church.

Perhaps, it wouldn’t be a word from me without the mention of food. Easter brunch and the family Easter Feast were great times to be around family. Sharing stories of the old days and finally getting to eat some of the favorite food that we gave up for Lent. I recall one year, I gave up Oreos and I think I went through a whole bag by myself during one of those Easter feasts. I don’t think I could do that anymore, but the memory has me looking forward to having my next cookie.

Recent years, Easter has been spent with Sedalia Parks And Rec during their Egg Hunt, which is happening this Saturday (Mar. 23) at 10 a.m. at Liberty Park. My kids have grown up with that and love it each year. The mad dash for the eggs as the horn sounds, then sticking around to watch the dogs look for bones. There is the chance to ride the Liberty Land Flyer and even get photos with the Easter Bunny. I treasure taking the kids out there each year with my wife and look forward to it again this Saturday.

I’m sure Easter means a lot to you as it does to me. Do you have a favorite Easter holiday tradition or memory you’d like to share?

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