There's a story behind Warrensburg Police Department's badge #118. And a tradition that continues to this day.

Badge #118 is the badge worn by former Warrensburg Police Officer Nancy Bell. Officer Bell passed away while an active member of the police department on May 10, 1998. While her passing wasn't duty-related, Officer Bell is memorialized on the Warrensburg Police Department's Wall of Honor alongside Detective Benny Sheffield, who also passed away while an active member of the department.

After Officer Bell's passing her family asked that her badge number #118 always be issued to a female officer. A request the Warrensburg Police Department honors in memory of Officer Bell.

Corporal Cher Miller was the most recent officer to be honored with badge #118. Which she wore until her resignation from the department in May of 2021.

Today, the honor of wearing badge #118 falls to one of Warrensburg Police Department's newest police officers. Amanda Brendle. Amanda joined the Warrensburg Police Department after graduating from the Central Missouri Police Academy, the one at the University of Central Missouri, this past July.

I smiled while reading the story on the Warrensburg Police Department's Facebook page. And I smiled more when I saw Officer Bell's sisters commenting on the post and welcoming Officer Brendle to the Warrensburg Police Department. It was also nice to see some of Officer Bell's friends and co-workers chiming in some kind thoughts.

Officer Brendle, wear the badge proudly. And thank you for choosing to protect and serve the people of Warrensburg. May you have a long, prosperous, fruitful career with the Warrensburg Police Department. Stay safe out there.

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