Folks, I know that I'm a nerd.  I've accepted that.  I think most of you out there who have read what I've written or heard what I've said on the air have also come to accept that.  It's part of who I am.  So when I hear about stuff like The Hain House, I get extremely excited.  And once you find out more about it, I think you guys will get excited too!

Cooper County Jail (

What is the Hain House?  What is the Thespian Hall? What's the Old Cooper County Jail? And what's a hanging barn? It's a great slice of history coming alive in our area.  Just a short drive away to Boonville, and you're set!  This is a great example of education for you and your family: to see what it was really like for people back in the early 1800's.   This house is really something amazing, and you can see how the American Dream is something that comes alive right here in central Missouri.

Here's Melissa Strawhun, the Executive Director of the Hain House to tell us all about what you can see down there!

You can also get more information on their website, you can email them, or you can give them a call at (660) 882-7977. And when you're in town, stop by the Friends of Historic Boonville at 614 E. Morgan Street.

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