I hope that you are all registered to vote this November. 

These upcoming mid-terms could be one of the most voted on mid-terms in our country's history.  There are various reasons on why you should vote.  You have a voice and are entitled to share it at the ballot box.  For some of you, you might be a one issue voter.  You vote for the candidate that shares your views on any particular issue that means the most to you.  Some of us, vote by party.  No matter what their platform may be.  Some of us get into more details because candidates who actually have the best interest in improving the lives of the residents of our state.

Legal Missouri, the group trying to get adult-use marijuana legalized in the state, announced Sunday it received more than 385,000 signatures to put the initiative on the ballot.  The petitions were sent to the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office in the effort to get recreational marijuana on the ballot in the November elections. The proposed amendment would allow those 21 and older to buy and grow marijuana.  You can read more on this story HERE.

When I was in college, there were some people who liked to smoke a joint and get high for the sake of getting high.  It wasn't anything that interested me, and at that point in my life, my views was simple....if you want to get high every day, be my guest.  I will stay away from you.  I have softened my stance since then.  It is still nothing that interests me, but there have been enough studies to indicate many medicinal uses that can help a lot of people, including those who suffer from conditions that I also suffer from.  And if you are able to tax it, and it brings in more revenue for the state, that is a good thing too.

So get registered to vote, if this is an issue that you want your voice heard about.  Medical marijuana is currently legal, should recreational marijuana be?  Share your thoughts.

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