I remember many a Saturday at Liberty Park as a kid. We lived about five blocks away from the park,  so it was an easy walk/bike ride as kids.  And if there was nothing to do at home, you could find something to do at the park, usually with a ton of kids around.  One thing I would always make sure to ask my Mom for was a couple of quarters when we decided to go to the park on weekends because I always, ALWAYS wanted to ride the train.

And I'm sure it's a good memory for a lot of you guys, too.  Waiting in the station for your turn, squishing together with your sibling in the seats, the nice old man that took your money and smelled like coffee.  We'd always holler when it was time to go through the little garage (? The tunnel? What did we even call that thing?), even though it wasn't scary.


Well, for the kids these days, they haven't been able to enjoy the train for a little bit. It was old and needed repair, and that kind of thing takes money and time.  Well, now it's ready to go up and run again!  The Sedalia Parks and Recreation have announced on their Facebook page that the station will be open July 17th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month with our Grand Opening of Moore's Train House! The Liberty Land Train is back up and running! Stop by for a ride! Free rides July 17th!

Free rides, even!  You can't beat that! So hey, why not bring the little ones by  and take a little train ride back to nostalgiaville?  You don't even have to bring a quarter this time!

Trainfully yours,


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