I have many memories as a kid of going Trick or Treating. I think for a solid five years or so I went as Mickey Mouse every year. Just me, a thin plastic shirt and an uncomfortable plastic mask with little holes in it that did me no favors.  We'd go door to door and Mom would watch us like a hawk to make sure we didn't eat any candy as we went along, or before we got home.  The parents would inspect it, and probably take some of the really good stuff after we went to bed.

My favorites were always chocolate as a kid. My favorite kid candy bar was a Nestle Crunch.  Now, I'm more of a fruit candy type gal.  Yeah, I still like chocolate, but if you give me a choice between a Hershey's and some Skittles, I'm tasting the rainbow, ya'll.  But you guys might be different.

Here are the top ten best and worst candies, and their 2020 ranks before, according to CandyStore.com:

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (retains the title)
2. M&Ms (unchanged)
3. Skittles (#4 last year)
4. Snickers (#3 last year)
5. Sour Patch Kids (unchanged)
6. KitKat (#7 last year)
7. Twix (#6 last year)
8. Hershey bar (#10 last year)
9. Butterfinger (#8 last year)
10. Nerds (#9 last year)

Okay, those are some solid choices.  PBC are pretty great, after all.  But what, no Laffy Taffy? No Starbursts? Does Twix really deserve to be that high up?

And the top ten worst:

1. candy corn (retains the title)
2. circus peanuts (#3 last year)
3. Peanut Butter Kisses (#3 last year)
4. Smarties (#5 last year)
5. Necco Wafers (#6 last year)
6. wax cola bottles (#4 last year)
7. Mary Janes (#8 last year)
8. Tootsie Rolls (#7 last year)
9. Good & Plenty (unchanged)
10. black licorice (unchanged)

I can understand why the top two worst stay where they are. But Peanut Butter Kisses?  Are they really that bad? I don't even think I've ever had one. Is it like a Hershey's Kiss, but with peanut butter inside?  Or is it just made out of peanut butter instead of chocolate?  And I'm sorry, where is Bit O Honey on that list?! Bit O Honey is probably the worst Halloween candy ever made! I wouldn't wish Bit O Honey on my WORST ENEMY, If I had one.

Anyway, what do you think of the lists?  What's your favorite? Is there a different worst that deserves to be on the list?

Sweetly yours,


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