I imagine at one time or another, we've wondered if our "smart" electronics are keeping tabs of what we're saying around the house. With more people connected to the internet, those chances could cause concern.

These days it's easier for hackers to gain access from your internet connection. With more emails, tweets, Facebook posts, and other links that you receive via the internet, your chances to have something go wrong increases.

A few of the items you need to pay certain to include the following according to a story on ReadersDigest.com:

  • Laptops- Hackers were busted by law enforcement and the FBI for a software program that allowed the laptop camera to spy on it's victims.
  • Smart TVs-A security company found that back in 2012 Samsung Smart Tv's allowed hackers to get in through the back door on USBs.
  • Phone-If you're using Google assistant, those audio files are not only archived but also saved through your text messages. If you're asking for something, it will do a ten-minute recording, even though you may not know it's taking place.
  • Voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home are always listening

Use common sense and try...I said try, to stay safe with all your electronics. Big brother is watching...and listening!

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