Spring is here and more and more of us will be going outdoors when the weather improves and becomes more consistent. 

Perhaps camping, or having a picnic, or take your dog for a long walk.  If you do any of these things, you might want to check yourself for ticks.

Yes, Brad Paisley sang about it in a playful way, but ticks are serious.  Ticks are arachnids, part of the spider family. They are found in woods and fields waiting on leaves and tall grass for their next blood meal from a host, which often can be you or your pet. You can encounter them if you are hiking, camping or fishing.  I once had a cousin who had one get attached to his neck and got imbedded there and he had to go to the hospital to get it removed. So be careful.

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Now when the weather gets warmer, we will obviously wear shorts and shorter sleeves more often.  This won't help you avoid ticks.  If you wear long sleeves and long pants, that’s going to provide an extra barrier for bugs of all kinds, including ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes from getting to your skin.  DEET bug spray will help a bit, at least 10% for adults and higher for kinds.  You can click HERE for more options courtesy of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

How Ticks Dig In With a Mouth Full of Hooks | Deep Look on Make a GIF

If you are going outside, make sure you are checking for these creatures, and address them as soon as possible. There can carry a lot of diseases and can be painful.  If you catch one, treat it sooner than later.  Stay safe this tick season, and these critters won't stand a chance.

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