Kids, I gotta admit, sometimes I just feel like someone needs to put a fork in me.  I'm done, you know?  I gotta try to be upbeat, though, cos it's my job.  Or something.  I guess they pay me to do that.  Something like that, anyway. 

I know that sometimes when it's a Monday and you're just not feeling it, it can be a bit hard to get past yourself.  When I feel that way, I feel like it's my fault.  I have a pretty decent life.  I have gainful employment, I have a great family, and there's a cat and guy in my apartment who think I'm pretty awesome.

So it's good to sometimes take a step back and think differently about the blahs. Sometimes I get a little down on myself, so I have to stop and take a second and ask, "Would you say what you’re thinking about yourself to someone else?" Then I usually have to admit that no, I wouldn't; I'd never be so harsh or mean.  If not, stop being so hard on yourself.

It's very easy also to just have this sort of "all or nothing" kind of mentality.  It's like, well, if that didn't go the way I wanted to, then everything is terrible.  So sometimes what I try to do is keep a sort of "negative thought" list.  I'll write down what went wrong and how I felt about it.  Then I'll tuck it away somewhere.  Later, when I'm feeling better (think weeks later maybe), I'll pull it out and look at what I wrote.  Then I'll think, "was this really that bad?" Usually it'll help me, because when that negative thought comes up again, I can remember how I reacted when things were more positive. Then, it's much easier to remember that "this too, shall pass".  So to speak.

So what do you do, when you're in a bad mood, or a funk?  Let me know!

Moodily yours,

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