A tragic event happened last Thursday (Oct. 31) in Tipton. Chad Stover, a junior at Tipton High School was injured during a game against Sacred Heart. With minutes left in the game, he suffered a severe head injury and was flown over to University Hospital in Columbia for treatment. People in the area have been pouring out support for Chad and his family.

Currently, Chad remains on life support. Residents in Tipton and surrounding communities have begun wearing red ribbons in his honor. Some of those ribbons are marked with 18, Stover's number.

A Facebook group has been started. Everyone has been showing there support by joining the group and liking the page.

The Facebook page reads:

With each like this page receives, it's another prayer for Chad Stover.

You can join the Facebook group here and like the page to show your support.

All of us here at the station send our thoughts and prayers to Chad Stover and his family.

Chad Stover Ribbon

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