Taking into consideration a likely decrease in state appropriations while also striving to keep higher education affordable, the University of Central Missouri’s Board of Governors has approved a recommendation to limit total tuition and mandatory fees to a 2.3 percent increase for Fiscal Year 2021.

Board action took place during a special virtual plenary session on May 13..

The board’s decision followed a presentation by Bill Hawley, vice president for finance and operations. He noted that an undergraduate resident student will pay $237.60 per credit hour, which is the same per-semester-hour rate that was approved by the board and was on the books for Fiscal Year 2020.

The board chose to waive $2.60 per credit hour for Fiscal Year 2020 so resident undergrads were charged $235.00 for that year.

The board approved increases to student general fees, which, overall, reflect the 2.3 percent increase, resulting in an increase of $5.93 per credit hour or $177.90 increase for 30 hours of coursework for the next academic year.

These fees cover athletics, facilities, Pertle Springs, student activities, technology, and the Elliott Student Union.

Resident graduate tuition was set at $317 per semester hour, which is a 1 percent or $3.50 per semester hour increase over the current rate. Increases for non-resident undergraduate and graduate students are double the rate paid by in-state students.
The increases in tuition and mandatory fees approved by the board are within the guidelines established through the Higher Education Student Funding Act (HESFA), Hawley said.

This requires that a percentage change in the FY 2021 tuition shall not exceed the percentage change of the consumer price index or HESFA’s penalty and waiver provisions will apply. While the university expects to have a challenging financial year due to the impact of the pandemic on the state of Missouri, it does not plan to seek such a waiver.

Under the fee structure approved by the board, there are several other items noted in board documents. They include:

• No increase to the $237.60 per credit hour rate for Missouri Innovation Campus Program undergraduates;

• No increase to the $283.15 per credit hour rate for Cohort undergraduates and Kodaly undergraduates;

• An increase in graduate tuition of $3.50 (1 percent) per credit hour for online, hybrid, entrepreneurial, and Kodaly courses;

• An increase of $3.50 (0.8 percent) per credit hour for the cooperative on-line Ph.D.;

• No increase to the Business Graduate rate;

• An increase of $4.55 (1.1 percent) per credit hour to Computer Science and Computer Information System graduate courses with rate applicable regardless of location/mode;

• An increase of $2.40 (2.7 percent) per credit hour to Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment courses; and a 1 percent increase to professional development and limited cost courses.

Two student-approved fees, not included in the HESFA calculation are also impacted.

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center fee is being increased by 7 cents per credit hour and the Health Services fee of $2.75 per credit hour, approved by the student body last fall, is being implemented.

Fees approved by the board will be updated on the university’s website https://www.ucmo.edu/future-students/tuition-costs-and-financial-aid/.


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