That's right, Uranus, is a destination stop on the famous Historic Route 66. Just off of I-44 exit 163. Now with a name like Uranus, you know you are going to be the butt of all jokes. My curiosity was getting the best of me once I discovered Uranus. It's nestled between two hills. It is quite the cozy little spot as you watch I-44 flow by. St. Roberts and Ft. Leonard Wood are close by.

As you drive into Uranus, you are greeted by the great giant beast. T-Rex standing high above Uranus welcoming you in. He also has a couple of other dinosaurs there to help greet you.

I guess you can say there is a lot of junk in the trunk in Uranus. There are several things to do here. It is a family friendly place. At The Funk Yard, there is an outdoor venue called, The Possum House.  With how nice the weather has been it was nice to listen to the country concert going on. Next to The Possum House there is a double decker bus and a playground for the kids to play.

There is a tattoo place here. So you can get you a Route 66 tattoo while you are here. Then there is Big Louies Burlesque.  Ok, so you won't be taking the kiddos into this one. The front of the building is like the old West, except with a modern neon cowgirl.

We stopped in Chicken Bones Party and Grill and had dinner. The food wasn't bad. I had the chicken wings and enjoyed making a mess of myself. It's a great little sports bar. They had 4 inside pool tables and one beer bong table. The outside deck was really nice, with patio furniture to sit on and another pool table plus outdoor screens to watch the sports games. They too had live entertainment for the evening.

Now the final destination and this is a must stop. Uranus Fudge Factory. They have been packing fudge since 2015. I can now say, I'm and official Fudge Packer Fan. This was some of the best fudge that I have ever had and it came from, Uranus. But all kidding aside, the fudge is really off the charts. I purchased Dark Chocolate, Butterfinger Fudge and Maple Fudge. Plus, you can purchase Route 66 memorabilia here along with Uranus t-shirts and other collectibles.

So if you are cruising around on I-44 and you see exit 163, take a little break and check out Uranus for yourself.  You get your kicks, on Route 66.