He who dies with the most toys wins.

A collector with apparently a lot of disposable income forked over $33,433 for a rare Atari 2600 game that was found by a California-based man in October.

Harv Bennett of Pomona and his daughter sifted through old video games they had tossed in storage, not realizing they were sitting on a goldmine. They dusted off a copy of Air Raid, which is a collector’s wet dream. It is highly sought after piece in the Atari collectibles world.

When Bennett pocketed the 33 grand for the game, it set a sales high watermark. Previously, a copy of the game nabbed $31,600. That was back in 2010. So adjust it for inflation and an increase in value and there you go.

Bennett’s copy came with its original instruction manual, further upping its value, since a copy with an in tact manual has never been found before. Bennett’s copy was also in good condition, so it raked in more than a boxed copy which sold on eBay for nearly $14.000.

It makes us wish we didn't ditch Atari for Nintendo in the '80s and we're cursing the fact that we didn't keep all of our games. We'd accept being profiled on 'Hoarders' if it meant we could scoop up over thirty grand for a piece of plastic.

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