The Sedalia City Council is expected to vote on the "Sedalia Clean Air Indoor Act of 2013" on Monday, June 17. The draft of the smoking ban has been posted for the public to view.  If passed, the ordinance could be in effect as soon as September 1, 2013.

The ordinance would ban smoking in many public places within the Sedalia city limits, including bars, bingo facilities, restaurants, pool halls and all city parks.  Smoking is also prohibited in outdoor areas within 20 feet of locations where smoking is banned under the ordinance.  Private clubs, retail tobacco stores and hotel rooms designated as "smoking" rooms are exempt from the ban under certain criteria, and restaurants are permitted to allow smoking in designated outdoor smoking areas.

The ban will be enforced by the Sedalia Police Department, the City Administrator and the Community Development Department.  Smokers in violation of the ordinance face a fine up to $50.  Business owners that fail to enforce the ordinance could receive a fine up to $100 for the first violation and up to a $500 fine for repeat violations.

Click the button below to view the entire draft of the Sedalia Clean Air Indoor Act of 2013.  You can find the contact information of the Sedalia City Council members here.

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