It's the time of year we often yell out "ROAD TRIP" and pile everyone in the car for some fun...somewhere. It's designed to be a nice getaway, a stress reliever of sorts, but for some it only creates more problems. What chaps your hide when it comes to road trippin'?

According to a new survey, 77% of people say they look forward to taking road trips with their family or their significant other, but they also admit that road trips almost always lead to at least a little fighting.

Here are the top seven fights people have during road trips . .

  1. Driving skills. That includes everything from driving too slowly or tailgating, to changing lanes too much.
  2. The temperature in the car.
  3. Directions.
  4. Where to eat.
  5. Swearing at other drivers or flipping them off.
  6. The volume in the car.  That includes everything from whether or not to blast the radio to the kids shouting at each other.
  7. Smoking.

Are there any you can add to the list??

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