I guess you can say chalk it up as getting older. I think we all think back to our younger years and remember those "old days". For most of us the memories from years past are very dear and we hold them close. Whether with friends and/or family, it's the recollections of days past that make us appreciate the past.

Growing up we all have memories of neighborhood stores that were our favorites. Maybe it was the neighborhood corner grocery or the store where you went every year to get your mom's birthday present.

Was it stopping in at K-Mart for something to eat at their in-store snack bar? Maybe it was downtown at the Woolworth's. How about the Coast to Coast on Broadway? Dropping in at Tullis Hall for some ice cream? Did you get your new school clothes or your first stereo at Montgomery Wards? Do you remember your mom coming home with paper grocery sacks filled from A & P?

Whether you walked, rode your bicycle or jumped in the car, a trip to the neighborhood store is one that many of us will relish in our past forever. 

It might have been stopping in at the corner gas station, and getting a nickel candy bar and a bottle of pop. Of course before you went, you would check the ditches and the back room of the house for any empty bottles so you could help offset the cost of your purchase.

What stores come to mind from your "Growing Up" days in Sedalia? 

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