A lot has changed in the world of dating over the years.  The ways people meet has expanded to include online.  Email, texting and IM/DM has decreased the amount of time it takes to get to know someone.  Conversations can last all day!  But there's one thing that I thought would never change, until now.

I thought it was always understood that the man pays for at least the first date.  I've always considered it bad form for him not to. At least make it understood that whoever asked the other person out should foot the bill.  But according to a new survey, 51% of men now say they want to split the check on a first date.

Have women lowered the threshold of dating THAT far?  Has the pursuit of a relationship taken us to a point where women feel the need to pay for half on a first date?  Or am I just being old fashioned?  What do you think?

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