On Monday I asked people what would go better with a burger and fries. A Coke or a shake? The shake edged out the Coke, however I noticed a few of the respondents answered by mentioning Pepsi. So I wanted to find out whether or not we're Pepsi drinkers in West Central Missouri or Coca-Cola drinkers. So I asked this question on Facebook yesterday, Coke or Pepsi? (Including Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi and their other variations.)

It really is close. I mean if you're allegiance is with Coca Cola you'd think Pepsi would finish a distant second. That's what I thought. And apparently I thought wrong.

Before heading home last night I eyeballed and tried to get an accurate count of people who drank either Pepsi or Diet Pepsi vs. Coke or Diet Coke. I also tallied up Dr. Pepper Drinkers and threw out anyone that claimed both, or said neither.

20% of the respondents to my Facebook question chose something else. 11% indicated they enjoyed Dr. Pepper. And 9% either didn't drink soda, or indicated that they drank both brands. For example, Cody who drinks Coke when he needs energy. But Pepsi when he's thirsty. Or Anne, who prefers regular Coke but likes Diet Pepsi. Or Patricia whose a Sun Drop drinker.

Coca-Cola edged out Pepsi with 42% of the respondents indicating they preferred Coca-Cola over Pepsi. That said 38% of the respondents indicated they'd rather drink a Pepsi, so Coca-Cola is no where near the dominate soda player in West Central Missouri. At least when people have a choice.

I kind of expected this after seeing people specifying Pepsi in my question Monday. I mean if Coke was just trouncing Pepsi in the cola wars here in West Central Missouri, I don't think anyone would have mentioned Pepsi as a response to my question at all. After all this talk about cola beverages, I think I could go for an ice cold fountain Diet Pepsi.

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