WireCo World Group announced a $15 million expansion Thursday afternoon with the help of Gov. Mike Parson.

The announcement was made under a large shade tree on company property at 24150 Oak Grove Lane in Pettis County.

The expansion will take place over the next five years, it was noted by Economic Development Sedalia-Pettis County (EDSPC).

Dozens of local and state dignitaries were on hand to help celebrate the occasion, including EDSPC Executive Director Jessica Craig.

“We are so excited to celebrate their expansion here. Companies have so many choices, where to expand, where to grow, where to locate facilities, where to close facilities. This expansion will create 18 new jobs, and solidify their presence here in Pettis County for the long term. We are excited about the new jobs, we are excited about the capital investments, but more importantly, we are excited for the 160 men and women who work here will be here for the long haul,” Craig said. “It's a great day here in Sedalia and Pettis County.”

Craig said “it's always exciting to bring a new company to our community, but really the majority of our job growth comes from our existing businesses. So we need to support them every single day to make sure they have the resources to be successful here, to grow here, really for the long term.”

WireCo Chief Operating Officer Scott Thompson was thankful for the support shown to his employees by Gov. Parson, as well as state and local and county government officials.

“But equally important, I want to thank the employees of WireCo. Without their dedication and drive to produce the best and highest quality steel rope in the industry, we would not be here today,” Thompson said in his speech.

“It's them who truly keeps cranes operating, bridges functioning, oil rigs drilling and mining shovels operating. They are truly the backbone of our great American industrial sector,” Thompson concluded.

Gov. Parson noted that it is always great to be in Sedalia, “where common sense prevails and good hard-working people live in this community.”

The governor thanked the WireCo employees, many of whom attended the announcement Thursday afternoon. “I thank you for staying the course. I thank you for coming to work and making our state one of the best states in the United States,” Parson said during his speech.

“One thing I will tell you, as governor that I'm learning in three year's time, it's all about the communities. It's all about where these businesses land, and what you people will do to support them, to make sure they have a work force, to make sure they have the infrastructure, and to make sure the people that come to work here are welcomed in your community. I hear that time and time again from CEOs, from businesses that are getting ready to expand,” Parson said.

“We have to prepare for tomorrow to give everybody the opportunity to stay here in this state, and if you continue to do what you do with workforce development, your team that you have, led by Jessica here in Sedalia, I normally put Sedalia and Perryville up on the same stage when I talk across this state,” Parson said, referring to the hustle both communities exhibit.

In addition to WireCo’s manufacturing facility and distribution center in Sedalia, WireCo WorldGroup has two other facilities in Missouri, located in Chillicothe and Kirksville.

“WireCo has had a major impact on the Sedalia area, and I’m glad to see them continue to invest in the community,” Department of Economic Development Director Rob Dixon said in a press release. “WireCo, and businesses like it, continue to choose Missouri because of our focus on workforce development, infrastructure, and maintaining our pro-growth business climate.”

For this expansion, WireCo used the Missouri Works program, an incentive tool to help companies expand and retain workers by providing access to capital through withholdings or tax credits for job creation.

The company is also receiving assistance from Missouri One Start, a division of the Department of Economic Development. Missouri One Start assists eligible businesses of all sizes with their recruitment and training needs.

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