Now I've flipped a few pancakes in my life.

I've flipped them it at home, at church on Shrove Tuesday and I've done it at other locations to help charity, but I believe my arm would be falling off if I had to flip this many pancakes.

You've seen organizations raise many by having pancake breakfasts? Well, this get together was designed to not only raise money for a charitable organization but also to try to break and set a new Guinness World Records.

On Thursday, June 24, in Blue Springs, Mo, broke a title for the Largest Serving of Pancakes. Hy-Vee prepared 13,000 pancakes in a little over seven hours to donate to feed families in need. All 13,000 pancakes were donated to Harvesters – The Community Food Network, which is the regional food bank in the greater Kansas City area. So how many people will 13,000 pancakes feed? According to a press release from Hy-Vee:

6,500 individuals, or more than 1,600 families, in need across Missouri and Kansas

It took 18 Hy-Vee Chefs to prepare the 13,000 pancakes in just over seven hours. The old record was 12,716 pancakes. The previous record was set in Moscow, Russia. After the chefs flipped the 12,717th pancake, they decided to up the number as they went on to the total of 13,000.

So what do you say Sedalia? Are you ready for a challenge? How about a local organization from around the area getting their best pancake chefs together for the opportunity to feed those in need and at the same time, breaking the Guinness World Records for Largest Serving of Pancakes?

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