Now hold on, I know what you're thinking.  "Behka, are you insane? I don't want to get any tricks this Halloween!" Well, hold your horses there, bucko. 

Handing out something other than candy is a good way to get EGGED on Halloween.  But if you're going to do it, it doesn't HAVE to be something lame like apples or boxes of raisins. I mean, after all, if it's a fun item, the kids will enjoy it.  As long as its something they want, it doesn't necessarily have to be laced with nothing but sugar.

Here are four other things you can supposedly give out instead.  And according to one expert, they're things most kids will use, so they won't be disappointed.  Good luck with that . . .

1.  Temporary tattoos.  You can buy sheets of them, then cut them up and give one or two to each kid. It can be fun little souvenir when the night's done.

2.  Noisemakers.  Which their PARENTS definitely won't appreciate, but hey.  This is about you and your Trick or Treaters, not them.  You can get them in bulk at any party store, or at Walmart.

3.  Glow sticks, so they don't get hit by a car.  Some parents won't remember to buy them.  Even in bulk, they're close to a buck each though.

4.  Mini packs of pretzels.  They're healthier and cheaper than candy, and almost everyone likes them.

See?  Just make sure your little monsters aren't getting something lame, and you're good.  You can feel good about what they're getting, and the state of your front lawn, too.  It can totally be a TP free zone!

Halloweenly yours,


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