Winter is coming, like it or not.  You're probably getting your car ready, you're getting the shovel out of the garage and getting out your winter clothes.  While you're doing that, think of maybe helping out some local kids.

Anybody who has ever met a kid knows that in the fall and winter, try as they might, some of those mittens just go missing.  It's not intentional, it just happens.  One day you're out making a snowman and the next day that left mitten is just gone. I know I had several one mittened pairs for years.  And sometimes the families that bought those mittens can't get another to replace it right away.  So what then?  Those kids have to have fun, that's part of being a kid.  So do they just have to stay inside all winter?  NO!  Those kids will have warm hands, darnit!

The Katy Depot will again this Christmas sponsor the Mitten Train in an effort to collect mittens and gloves for local children’s benefit.  Teachers have made a special request for mittens for the preschool and kindergarten students, who have difficulty getting their little fingers into the gloves. They’ve received a generous donation of hats and will not need those donated this year.

I got to talk with Kathleen Boswell with the Katy Depot about the Mitten Train and all the other great events coming up for the next couple of months.

These little ones need to be protected and have a great time this winter.  So if you're at the store, pick up a couple pairs, or if you're in your closet and find some that your kids have grown out of, bring those by.  Anyone wanting to help fill the Mitten Train’s cars can bring their gloves and mittens to the Katy Depot at 600 East Third St. in Sedalia from now until Dec. 15.  The items will be distributed to the schools before the children leave for the Christmas holiday.

For additional information, contact Kathleen Boswell at the Sedalia Heritage Foundation by calling 826-2932 or email

Mittenly yours,