Nobody likes getting older. That is a fact and goes without saying I know, but I had to start my annual age memory someway so please forgive me for stating the obvious. On Wednesday the 7th of October I will turn 77, and as I always do I am trying to find the positives in that. First off 7 is supposed to be lucky, so double sevens have to be even more so-don’t you think?

Being born in 1938 I have compared my birth to historic facts like the invention of the home air conditioner, tooth brushes with nylon bristles, replacing animal hair, Ballpoint pens, and also LSD for those who wished to forget they were born in 1938. I also am always interested in learning who among the famous people share my birthday. Among those famous folks is the late Natalie Wood a great actress, The Gambler-Kenny Rodgers, and Cheech’s sidekick Tommy Chong. I also have an infamous birthmate, Federal Prisoner Berny Madoff, that Ponzi Schme guy.

As I have always said I loved growing up in the era I did, and I wouldn’t change that if I could. Oh I have had some potholes along the road I have traveled, but like most people I have loved ones and friends who live in my memories, that I would not dream of giving up.

There are perks to being 77 of course, for instance I find that my children worry about me now the way I always did them as children. I am waiting for the day they tell me to be careful crossing the street, or to be sure and eat my vegetables. They needn’t worry about that however, my wife Marlene still makes sure I do all those kind of things, but it is a nice feeling to know the kids care that much. I am still wrong more than I am right in their eyes however, and I guess that part will never change.

At “77” I can look back at the early 7s of my life, and remember them as milestones. At “7” I was learning how to ride a bike. At “17” I was a boot in the navy. At “27” I was married with two children, and at 47 I was enjoying a third child. Now at “77” I can brag about the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren I have, and that is in itself a great milestone. I must also mention I have another grandchild on the way courtesy of my youngest child, something that will keep me happy in the next decade of my life.