The Pettis County Parents as Teachers is a group that works tirelessly with parents all around our city and county.   Parents as Teachers helps parents during the critical early years of their children's lives, from conception to kindergarten—and the results are crucial for every kid in our area.So, what are the Parents as Teachers screenings, anyway?  Parents as Teachers  think the screenings are a great way to make sure that your infant, toddler or preschooler is healthy and ready to learn and grow. You can give your child the best start possible by learning about his or her development and doing activities that will support them as they grow.   It's important to know that the screenings  won't diagnose a delay or disability, and it is not meant to replace a health check-up with your child’s doctor. But, it may show if there is a need for further evaluation.   To speak more about the screenings, their importance, and the Parents as Teachers organization, I sat down with Grace Kendrick.

So you can see how important it is to get your child screened, and to get them screened early. The Parents as Teachers will offer the free developmental screenings for ages three months through four years on March 11 and 12 by appointment at the Pettis County Early Childhood Co-Op, 2255 South Ingram. Make your appointment by calling 660-827-8955.

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