There is much to be said about snow bringing people into the Christmas mood. Just think of when Bing Crosby sings 'White Christmas' how you all of a sudden feel.

The National Weather Service has started to show there is a small chance of snow coming into play on Wednesday night into Friday. While we're not expecting a whole lot of it, at least there is a chance.

Historically, snowfalls on Christmas are few and far between in Missouri, but we've had our fair share of snow that stuck around for Christmas Day.

Some of my fondest memories when we have a White Christmas is opening up the presents, looking outside and then getting onto a sled or building a fort for an ultimate snowball fight. With my kids, I still love to build a snowman or snow angels in the ground.

While it looks like there is a slim possibility of a White Christmas, just like Bing Crosby sings about it, I can always dream for one.

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