Over the weekend, I decided to walk over to Goody's Steakburgers on Limit Ave, as there was an event that I wanted to see.  I have been to cruise nights before.  When it comes to their cars, owners can become almost obsessed (in a good way) in making their dream vehicles looks pristine.  There is a sense of pride and joy and history of what American Muscle cars looked like and how impressive they were.

For more information on the group that hosted this event, 301 Street Cars, check out their Facebook page HERE.  In regards to the event itself, it was promoted as:

This cruise night is going to be extra special. Not only are we wanting to kick off the year with a bang, but we are welcoming The Circuit- Charity with Horsepower Drag N Drive event. To further explain, there will be a group traveling in there Hot Rods 185 miles from Mo-Kan Dragway as a stipulation of the Drag N Drive event. This group will be hanging out and enjoying the cruise night.
Best Lowrider Car Show GIFs | Gfycat
You will see a lot of Ford's, Chevy's, including some that are very old and classic.  Check out the gallery below.  Some impressive engines, a few custom made and one that pays tribute to the legendary Science Fiction - Comedy, Ghostbusters.  Hope you enjoy. Do you have a dream car that you would love to own if you had the funds? Have you ever seen it at a cruise night? Feel free to share.

301 Street Cars Cruise Night 2022

Cruise Night

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