The Mustang Discovery Ride rode into Sedalia Monday and rested overnight at Royal Payne Stables, 6295 East US Highway 50.

Lisanne Fear of Wyoming is riding her Mustangs 5,000 miles across the US to inspire and educate on the adoption of 5,000 Mustangs from holding pens.

“My Mustangs have saved my life in so many ways that I just want to show how cool they are. There's currently 50,000 of them standing out in holding corrals out West that have been rounded up, and they're not going back out in the wild. I just want to give those horses good, loving homes and show just how amazing and incredible these animals are. So I decided to give back to them the best way I thought I could. I grew up on a 55,000-acre ranch as a kid, I rode a horse every day,” Fear said.

Fear, 29, who was raised in Pinedale, Wyo., added that while the 5,000-mile ride has been an amazing experience, she doesn't anticipate doing it again.

Fear brought four previously-wild BLM Mustangs with her on the long journey across the US, starting in Delaware and hopefully ending in California. She obtained her first Mustang “Finneas” eight years ago.

Reaching Sedalia Monday via Highway 50 from Jeff City marked 1300 miles in her journey.

Fear said that her horses are just fine and very “solid” when it comes to dealing with the noise and distractions of highway traffic, noting that she rode her horses right through Washington DC in October. She added that there's a lot more traffic on the east coast than there is here.

Fear was asked how she manages to find places for her and her crew to stay every night.

“I door knock almost every single night. These are America's horses. Anyone who's a taxpaying American, is paying for these horses to stay in holding corrals out west. And it's pretty cool to bring these American horses to the Americans, and sometimes, directly to their backyards,” Fear said.

“Just the kindness from strangers along the way has just been absolutely incredible and I can't speak highly enough of the Americans that I've crossed paths with along the way,” Fear said.

Fear met up with Mikenzie and Thomas Payne at Royal Payne Stables and that's where her horses stayed for the night while in Sedalia.

A facebook post by Fear tells the story:

Due to a series of lost shoes, and unfortunate events, we ended up trailering everyone to Royal Payne Stables . But it took 2 trips because only 3 horses could fit in Diana’s trailer at a time and we had 6 horses, 4 of them mine.
To keep the ride going we decided I would leave 3 of my mustangs behind, and just take one trailer full to ride from where we left off the previous day.
Chileno was missing a shoe, Abilene isn’t exactly riding ready yet, and Phin… well I know I can always count on Phin but Stache was giving me a look like… try me.
So I did.

A documentary is being produced by JA Media Productions that will feature Fear and her animals on their long westward journey across the US called Mustang Discovery Ride. More info can be found at

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