The Sedalia Police Department has been awarded a grant from the Kansas City Coalition for Roadway Safety (MCRS).

James Theisen from Pettis County wrote the $9,136 grant on behalf of the Sedalia Police Department.

This grant will pay for the purchase of two bicycles and two E-bikes to be added to the Sedalia Police Department’s Bike Patrol Unit.

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Sgt. Neva Overstreet, who assisted Mr. Theisen with the grant application, also provided her perspective:

“I am excited for the advancement opportunity of our newly formed Bike Patrol Unit. The purchase of additional bikes will allow our bike patrol unit to offer a high-visibility, proactive community policing presence. This will allow our BPU members to be the ambassadors for our agency. Bike patrols can be utilized in so many ways from parades, festivals, to stealthy criminal interdiction. I am looking forward to this expanded service that Sedalia Police Department can provide for our community.”

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