All-Conference Volleyball Kaysinger Conference players were announced last week:

Cole Camp
Tori Harding
Jenna Harms
Camryn Schear
Ashley Schear Honorable Mention

Green Ridge
Madison Barnes
Emily Dove
Riley Hagedorn
Jasmine Cowart Honorable Mention

La Monte
Lindey Oehrke Honorable Mention

Chloe Reese
Christina Eckhoff Honorable Mention

Mattie Green
Avery Powell Honorable Mention

Abby Nichols Honorable Mention

Sacred Heart
Madison McClain
Zoe Volcko
Kiley Beykirch Honorable Mention

Jenna Snapp
Faith McClain
Alyssya Cason Honorable Mention

Jenna Bellis Honorable Mention

Abby Uptegrove Honorable Mention

Ashley Ebeling
Laira Wheatley
Kali Hurd Honorable Mention

Coach Of the Year Honor Villalobos Sacred Heart

Kaysinger Conference Final Standings
Co-Champs Sacred Heart 9-1
Co-Champs Cole Camp 9-1
3rd Windsor 8-2
4th Smithton 7-3
5th Green Ridge 6-4
6th Lincoln 5-5
7th Tipton 4-6
8th Northwest 3-7
8th Stover 3-7
10th Otterville 1-9
11th La Monte 0-10

Kaysinger Tournament
Champions - Sacred Heart 2 sets to 1 over Cole Camp
Second Place - Cole Camp
Third Place – Windsor over Green Ridge 2 sets to 0
4th Place – Green Ridge
5th Place – Smithton over Lincoln 2 sets to 0
6th Place – Lincoln
7th Place – Stover over Tipton 2 sets to 0
8th Place – Tipton

Kaysinger District Champions:
Cole Camp- Class 2 District 13
Green Ridge – Class 1 District 11
Sacred Heart – Class 1 District 13

Kaysinger District Runner-up
Windsor – Class 2 District 13
Lincoln – Class 1 District 11

State Quarterfinalist
Sacred Heart – Class 1 loss to West Platte 1 set to 2

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