Applewood Christian School recently announced the Honor Roll students for the 2nd quarter of the school year.

Principal’s Honor Roll

3rd - Madeline Sumner

4th - Samuel Bessert

5th - Erika Rehmer and Matthew Sumner

6th - Daniel Nevels

7th - Isaac Cormican

8th - Aiden Sarver

9th - Rebecca King and Alexandra Luvin

10th - Destiny Ward

11th - Kaitlyn Baker, Joshua Cormican, Caleb DeFord, Xiara Leon and Tori Price

12th -  Shelly Raines

Honor Roll

3rd - Nathan Nunes

4th - Helena Kamery and David Nevels

5th - Julia Ramirez and Sylarra Wallen

6th - Isaiah Nunes

7th - Halie Spratley

8th - Diana Kapitula, Sofia Ostapenko, Luke Rehmer and Samuel Weekley

9th - Jacob Baker and Brandon Morrison

10th - Chloe Andresen, David Bessert, Shiloh Conroy, Isaac Greer, Bailey Mabry and Victoria Sparks

11th - Christian Ford and Peyton Triplett

12th - Julie Morrison

Applewood Christian School is located at 25396 Highway O.

Report Card

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