A Sedalia man arrested during a Pettis County court appearance Thursday morning ran from court security as he was being escorted to the jail in handcuffs.

But his freedom lasted only about 80 minutes before being captured, according to Pettis County Sheriff Brad Anders, as he explained in a facebook post around 11:45 a.m. this morning.

"At approximately 9:28 am, Malachi Q. E. Sims, 20 , was arrested at the Pettis County Courthouse during a court appearance for various charges. Sims was handcuffed and was in the process of being escorted across the street to the jail. At the intersection of 4th and Lamine, Sims ran west down 4th St. with court security personnel giving chase. Sims was last observed in the area of 4th and Moniteau.


Sedalia PD and Pettis County road deputies began a pattern search of the area while nearby schools were placed on lockdown. At some point during the search, Sims was picked up by a female subject in a silver Ford Taurus and taken from the area.


Sedalia PD investigators quickly worked up intelligence on potential addresses to which Sims may be headed. Sgt. Dehaven with Pettis County was headed to check one of these addresses when he observed the suspect vehicle at Eagle Stop, 3415 E. Broadway. Sgt. Dehaven approached the vehicle with support units nearby and made contact with Sims.


A brief struggle ensued at which time Sedalia PD Chief Wirt and Commander Hendricks arrived to assist taking Sims into custody; several other PD and county units were also on scene. Sims was captured, unharmed, at approximately 10:48 am and transported to the Pettis County Jail where he will be facing additional charges for this incident. Other charges will be coming soon.


Make no mistake, this was nothing short of stellar investigation by Sedalia PD and phenomenal cooperation between the two law enforcement agencies. A review of escort policy from the court house to the jail is under way.


Thank you Sedalia PD and all Pettis County Units for a job well done."

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