Brad Pollitt, Assistant Superintendent of the Sedalia School District, addressed the recent rumors of kids possibly committing violent acts at Smith-Cotton High School in an interview this morning.  After a joint investigation with school officials, the student resource officer and the Pettis County Juvenile Office, no credible threats of violence were found.  The rumored acts were said to be surrounding what ancient Mayans claimed to be the end of the world.

Pollit said that they have been investigating these rumors since Monday and have been following up on each lead they have received. The Pettis County Sheriff's Office School Resource Officer, school administration and the Pettis County Juveniles Office all investigated information they received that there may be a possible act of school violence.

"We identified some juveniles that we wanted to question further, and nothing substantiated from the questioning at this point," Pollitt said.  "There has been nobody we have been able to identify as to who the original person was that made this threat. It appears that at this point, some students made some comments that 'the world was going to end,' and 'might as well make it a big bang.'”

Pollitt went on to say that he feels the school is safe and that every precaution is being taken on continuing that. In addition, Pollitt said that counselors are readily available for the students if they'd like to talk about the situation.