I was looking around on the internet the other day and I was reminded of a website called My Parents Were Awesome. Basically it's just a place where people upload photos of their folks before they were born, and marvel at how cool they were. It's always kinda cool to think of yourself when you were a kid, and what your parents were like without you, and force you to see them not unlike a friend as opposed to family. For example, look at my Dad there. Totally cool. I, of course, am still a dork, even as a baby.  So as I do, my mind started wandering and I thought about what was going on in that picture, what had happened beforehand, what they had for dinner that night, etc.  And then it made me remember all the different stories I've heard over the years from and about my parents.

I thought I'd share a story everybody has to have in some form or another: how your parents met. Here's mine, complete  with my original illustrations that are totally awesome and not just doodles on a paper.

So how did you parents meet?  Is it a cool, funny, silly, or tragic story?  Is it just another example of everyday life?  Share it here with us and we'll all enjoy it together.

And if you need any proof that my Dad is still a totally cool badass dude to this day, I have the pictoral evidence to prove it.


Nuff said.

Parent-ily yours,


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