"Rolling Stone" readers picked the 25 Funniest Movies of All Time, and they gave the top spot to the 1974 Mel Brooks comedy "Blazing Saddles".  It was followed by "Airplane!" and "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". The oldest movie on the list is "Dr. Strangelove" from 1964.  It's the only movie from the '60s.  The '70s were represented by SIX films . . . there were EIGHT from the '80s . . . FIVE from the '90s and FIVE from the 2000s.  Nothing from this decade made the cut.

Here's the complete list . . .

1.  "Blazing Saddles",  1974

2.  "Airplane!",  1980

3.  "Monty Python and the Holy Grail",  1975

4.  "Animal House",  1978

5.  "Young Frankenstein",  1974

6.  "Caddyshack",  1980

7.  "This Is Spinal Tap",  1984

8.  "The Life of Brian",  1979

9.  "Dumb & Dumber",  1994

10.  "The Naked Gun",  1988

11.  "The Jerk",  1979

12.  "The Big Lebowski",  1998

13.  "There's Something About Mary",  1998

14.  "Borat",  2006

15.  "A Fish Called Wanda",  1988

16.  "The 40-Year-Old Virgin",  2005

17.  "Step Brothers",  2008

18.  "Anchorman",  2004

19.  "Office Space",  1999

20.  "Planes, Trains and Automobiles",  1987

21.  "Raising Arizona",  1987

22.  "Dr. Strangelove",  1964

23.  "The Blues Brothers",  1980

24.  "Tommy Boy",  1995

25.  "Superbad",  2007

Did "Rolling Stone's" new list of the 25 Funniest Movies of All Time hit on all your favorites?  Probably not.  So what was it missing? First of all, it seems like a crime to completely ignore CHARLIE CHAPLIN, the MARX BROTHERS and ABBOTT & COSTELLO.  What about a "Pink Panther" movie or a WOODY ALLEN flick?  The classics, people.  Then there's "Groundhog Day""Stripes""Ghostbusters""Some Like It Hot""The Odd Couple" . . ."Pee Wee's Big Adventure""Shaun of the Dead""Hot Fuzz",...... OKAY.  So clearly I have some opinions on the issue.  What about you? What's your favorite funny movie of all time? Did the Rolling Stone readers get it right? Take our survey and tell me all about it.  We'll share your answers on the air!

Hilariously yours,


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