I've been reaching out to you guys and asking you a question every day, and you've been giving some great answers. We've talked about everything from music to dreams to your past, and you haven't been shy about your opinions!On Monday, I talked a bit about Barbara Walters retiring.  So I asked you guys, who are some of the hosts that have left or are leaving their shows that you'll miss?  I personally will always miss hosts like Fred Rogers or Dick Clark.

Tom Bergeron, who a couple weeks ago announced he was leaving America's Funniest Home Videos.

See, now that one I didn't even know! It will be a little strange not to have him on AFV anymore... even though he's EVERYWHERE else.

I will miss Stephen Colbert on the Stephen Colbert show.

That's a good point - when Stephen goes to the Late Show, he'll be a normal talk show host. He'll drop his character from The Colbert Report. So that will be something very different, I'm sure.
On Tuesday, I asked you about what you wanted to be when you grew up. Every kid gets asked that question, and almost every kid has an answer. Of course, sometimes life decides a different path for you, so you may not have gotten to become a dog when you grew up. When I was really small, I wanted to grow up to be a cat. That didn’t quite work out for me. As I got a little older, I really liked school, so I wanted to be a teacher. I even did a lot of stuff in High School to prepare for that – Cadet Teaching, assisting in Summer School, stuff like that. It wasn’t til about my junior year of college that I decided to become a radio DJ. You guys had some ambitious aspirations when you were young.

I have always wanted to be an actress. For a while in high school, I thought I wanted to be a doctor, but then I realized what I really wanted was to play a doctor on TV.

I can definitely dig that one. My teaching aspirations were definitely sidelined when I realized that I hated paperwork and sitting still.

I wanted to be a dog. Then I found out you couldn't grow up to be a dog.

I had a similiar heartache when I was really small, I wanted to become our housecat. I thought if I hung around with her kittens long enough she'd take me in, and I'd just become a cat.

I think I wanted to be a doctor. An accountant is not close to doctor... and that is what I am now. :(

Awww, don't be sad! Doctors are awesome, yes, but so are accountants! We definitely need you guys around to do all the addin' and subtractin'.

On Wednesday, I asked you about your hidden talents.  Everybody's got one or two - little things that for some reason or another, you can just do really well.  For me, my little hidden talent is absolutely useless - I can do some accents if you need me to.  I can't do anything physically coordinated, and if you need some complicated math, I can't help you, but I can do a voice if you need one.  Alot of your answers were very practical things like sewing, cooking, mechanics, and art.  Then, there were the class clowns.

Excellent rubber band shooter.

I don't think I want to be the one to try that out. I believe you.

My hidden talent is hiding my talents.

OH YOU GUYS. You're such jokers. Anyway, I decided to get a little serious on Thursday, since it was the day of our Show Me Honor Flight Radiothon. We all want to send our veterans to go see their memorials in Washington, DC - so we're scraping up the money bit by bit so that the vets don't have to pay. My question for Thursday was about the veterans in your life. Be they active duty, reserves, retired... we all have someone in our lives who has served or is serving in the military. So I thought I'd ask you guys if you wanted to talk about them, and thank them for what they've done. Most of you had direct connections to people like your father, brothers, or cousins.

Dad, bro Ben Almaguer, latter lost in Vietnam.

I know I wanted to thank my father for his time in the Navy and one of my best friends, Bret, for his service as a Marine. Also, our co-worker Kaleb is over in Afghanistan right now. There are so many of us that have connections to our armed forces. I hope that you'll show your appreciation by helping the Honor Flight.

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