Kids, this past weekend I got a real treat.  I took some people I care about to the Bothwell Lodge. I figured this would be something we could talk about and share together, since everyone's always looking for fun things to do.  And, this is an educational thing for you to do with kids that can also get them outdoors.  Just about anything you can do to get kids off of their phones and tablets is good, right? 

So we went out to the Bothwell Lodge.  Even if you don't go in the house, you can definitely check out the surrounding areas and walk the trails up there.  It's a beautiful area and even has lots to learn before you get on the housing campus.

So why not check it out one of these summer days? Admission for adults is $4, and for kids it's only $2.50. So grab the kids and the whole family, and drive on up to the beautiful Bothwell Lodge. You won't regret it! Be sure to take your camera, you're bound to get some great pictures to share, too.

Lodgily yours,