Camp Blue Sky is a week long day camp for kids that will encourage all sorts of creative expression and learning. Camp Blue Sky is a fine/performing arts day camp. They have been enriching children with classes in painting, sculpting, writing and movement for one creative week on the State Fair Community College Campus since 1998.

Led by community members and taught by art professionals, classes and activities emphasize creative problem-based learning while promoting process over product. While small class size is maintained throughout the camp, all-age group activities are scheduled to foster inter-generational cooperation, building excitement and exuberance for the arts and community.

This year's theme is the music, art, and dance of Africa and is named JAMBO: African Art Adventures. I got to talk with Barbara Cooney of the Camp Blue Sky to talk about the theme and how you can get your kids registered.

So make sure to go by the State Fair Community College Stauffacher Center Commons this Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. To find out more about Camp Blue Sky, visit their website, find them on Facebook, or call Barbara at (660) 826-6292.