The City of Sedalia's finances are in good shape, according to an audit report presented to the Council Monday night.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

A presentation from Mr. Joseph Chitwood, CPA, of Gerding, Korte and Chitwood, Boonville, at the pre-council meeting indicated that the City of Sedalia is currently at 54 percent of budget for the fiscal year that ended march 31, with no major issues.

The net pension liability is up this year to $10 million, Mr. Chitwood said, “a pretty big jump from the previous year,” but not unique to the City of Sedalia.

However, there was an overall net loss of $2.2 million. That includes the effect of a $4.4 million health center loss, he indicated.

Interim City Administrator Kelvin Shaw told KSIS that the audit firm gave the City an unmodified opinion. “Basically, the City's in pretty good shape as Mr. Chitwood pointed out. Our general fund balance is at 54 percent of our total expenditures for the year, and that's a good situation to be in. All in all, good,” Shaw said.

Also at the pre-council meeting, Community Development Director John Simmons updated the Council on front yard parking issues. He noted that the Planning & Zoning Commission has been working on the issues for several months and is now requesting a work session with the Council this month or in November.

At the regular meeting, which lasted 20 minutes, the Council approved a bid from G & R Construction, Inc., for $131,373 for the replacement of the Muncipal building roof. The bid came in below the budgeted amount of $150,000. G& R has previously replaced the roof on the Central Fire Station, Community Center Gymnasium and also was the contractor for the SFD's headquarters roof. A total of five bids were received.

The Council also accepted a cooperative agreement with Missouri Department of Conservation for a Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance Grant. The agreement runs from Sept. 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. The actual costs will not exceed $9, 939. The remainder of the cost will be the responsibility of the City.

The Council also approved an agreement by and between Rouchka Investment Co., dba Medallion Electric Company for emergency electrical repairs to the Water Pollution Control building, 201 S. Marvin and 205 S. Montgomery. The cost of the agreement is $15,187.21.

Councilwoman Bonita Nash was absent from Monday night's proceedings.

At the start of the regular meeting, Mayor Stephan J. Galliher recognized five individuals for their longevity of service to the City, two of whom were present Monday night.

Deputy City Clerk Jason Myers has served in the Clerk's office for 20 years.

Retired city employee Cheryl Layton served as a records technician for 24 years, 10.5 months. A reception was held in her honor following the meeting.

Those absent included Sedalia Firefighter Aleksey Tsurkan (5 years), Parks Department Head Groundskeeper Tom Broaddus (20 years), and Sanitation Supervisor Ron Stark (20 years).

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