Our Central Bank Unsung Hero for February is Andrea Curtis! 

Now I know what you're going to say.  It's March.  It's not February anymore. I know, guys! BUT it turns out that there are a lot of generous, charitable, and courteous people in West Central Missouri. It can be hard to pick who should be the Hero for this month.

Well, this month's is a grand example of what giving back looks like.  Her name is Andrea Curtis, and she's an Instructional Coach at Heber Hunt Elementary.  What that means is she's basically teaching teachers, and helping them get better and better to help the kids.  Andrea was a teacher for several years herself, so she knows exactly what they need.

Andrea also works a lot with the Relay for Life.  She's been a lead for six years, but has been involved in the whole organization for longer than that.  She goes above and beyond to make sure things are covered and planned out ot help the most people possible.  Her dedication and selflessness are just a couple of the many things that make her a special Unsung Hero.

I got to talk with Andrea over the phone just earlier this morning.  I'll put the interview here so you can listen and hear her own words.  There is a little trouble in the first part of the interview, but things are smooth sailing soon after that.  So you have an interruption of maybe three seconds, but I just wanted to let you know.

Thanks a lot for all you do for the Relay and for the kids and teachers at Heber Hunt!

You can nominate your Unsung Hero here.

Unsungingly yours,

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