Detective Ty Barrett was named the Sedalia Police Department's Officer of the Year during an awards ceremony held Tuesday night at First United Methodist Church, 916 Thompson Blvd.

“This is probably the most prestigious award we give out,” Interim Chief Woolery commented, adding that officers are nominated by their peers and ultimately approved by the Chief.

“If you need the police, and Det. Barrett shows up at your door, you're going to be in better shape for it,” Chief Woolery said. “He is a prime example of what many of our officers are capable of, and that we strive for, through experience, decisions and just flat out dedication.”

Barrett spoke to the media afterwards, noting that being named Officer of the Year is the highest honor he has received at the SPD since he began serving four years and eight months ago.

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When asked what his favorite part of the job is, Det. Barrett responded, “Honestly, it's the same thing I tell everybody, it's when I get to help people, that's my favorite thing.”

Being recognized for a job well done is not part of his paycheck, Det. Barrett noted. ”That's not part of the job, that's something that people taking time out of their day to say thank you, that's something a little extra. We do it without the thanks, either way.”

Previous to working for the SPD, Det. Barrett served in the Marine Corps.

Awards were given out in 12 categories in all, including ancillary unit pins, letters of appreciation, letters of commendation, search & entry, community service ribbons, police commendation ribbons, meritorious service ribbons, life save awards, meritorious conduct ribbons, metal of valor, chief's award and officer of the year for 2023.

Citizen Recognition Letters: Mia Walters and Charity McGinnis

Citizen Commendation Plaque: Jeffrey Frederickson

Special Unit Ribbons:

DARE: Sgt. Bradley Beard, Ofr Arthur Frederick DeSalme, III, Ofr Aragon, Ofr Atonio Karr

Bicycle Patrol Unit: Sgt. Michael Elwood, Sgt. Neva Overstreet, Sgt,. Daniel Benner, Ofr Nathamial Slaughter, Det. Davis Mittelhauser, Ofr Atonio Karr

Drone Unit: Det. David Mittelhauser

Letters of Appreciation: Former Ofr Andrew Pemberton, Former Cpl Travis Lorenz (2), Pettis County Joint Communications Ashley Sullivan

Letters of Commendation: Det. Travis St. Cyr 2, Ofc Justin Franken 2, Cpl John Fellows 4, Sgt. Daniel Benner 1, Sgt. Neva Overstreet 2, Ofc Robert Mitchell 3,Det. Ty Barrett 1, Ofc Terrence Conness 2, Sgt. Joseph McCullough 1, Ofc Eric Resch 2, Ofc Leann Stilley 1, Cpl Kevin Tylar 1, Det. Nicklous Camirand 1, Ofc Kyle Schmitt 1, Sgt Michal Elwood 1, Ofc Alex Sevenson 1, Col Bradley Arnold 1, Det Jill Green 1, Det Davis Mittelhauser 1, Ofc Keaton Schnell

Search & Entry Ribbons: (20 search warrants must be completed for their first ribbon, and for every 10 search warrants thereafter) Det Mark Cherry 2, Sgt Aaron Berry 1, Cmdr Joshua Howell 1, Cmdr David Woolery 1, Former Chief Matt Wirt 1, Det Davis Mittelhauser 3, Det Kirra Pappert 1, Det Ty Barrett 1, Sgt Neva Overstreet 1

Police Commendation Ribbon: Det Travis St. Cyr, Det Ty Barrett, Det Nicklous Camirand, Det Jill Green, Ofc Arthur DeSalme, Ofc Keaton Schnell, Cpl AJ Silvey and Ofc Casey DeVorss, all earned one ribbon

Meritorious Service Ribbon: Ofc Arthur DeSalme 1

Life Save Ribbon: Ofc Terrence Conness 3, Ofc Arthur DeSalme 1, Ofc Sania Fox 1, Ofc Kylee Kliegel 1, Ofc Nathaniel Slaughter 1, Ofc Matthew Aragon 2, Sgt Daniel Benner 1, Ofc Robert Mitchell 1

Meritorious Conduct Ribbon: Ofc Arthur DeSalme 1, Ofc Christian Wolfe 1, Ofc Briley Douglas 2, Ofc John Hammond 1, Sgt Michael Elwood 1

Medal of Valor: Ofc Casey Devorss 1

Chief's Award: Ofc John Hammond

Officer of the Year: Det Ty Barrett

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Gallery Credit: Randy Kirby

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