The first day of the Missouri State Fair is always an interesting one.  You usually see huge crowds at the Missouri State Fair for things like the Grand Opening or Two Buck Bonanaza Day, where not only do you get into the Missouri State Fair for $2, you can get deals through the Missouri State Fair.  This first day was no exception.

This year I started things off by checking out The Roys at the Bud Tent.  It has been awhile since I saw bluegrass music in the Bud Tent, but this groups is solid and really picked up where last year left off when  there was a day to celebrate bluegrass music through the fairgrounds.

I did get a chance later in the day to drive the KIX 105 Boot Scootin' Buggy in the 110th Missouri State Fair Parade.  With this being an election year, there certainly were a lot of entries.  I think there might have been a bit of overflow on State Fair Boulevard, but once the parade got started with the B-2 Stealth Bomber flyover, everything seemed to fall into place.  The KIX 105 Boot Scootin Buggy was right behind Mayore Elaine Horn and in front of the Brookfield School Band.  I loved hearing the music from the kids as we along the route.  I could hear kids in the crowd ask me about the boot and there were many pictures taken of the boot.

Once the parade was over, I did get the chance to hit up my favorite snack place.  Since I could tell a lot of the parade watchers were taking advantage of the $2 corn dogs in several locations, I went to find what my family loves the most in German Roasted Cashews and Pecans in the Ag Building.  You can get a snack pack for $5 and that is always plenty for us.  I did walk around the Agriculture Building and saw some other neat things that I think I'll save for another day to talk about.  What is a favorite snack of yours at the Missouri State Fair?

For now, I hope you go out and celebrate Then and Wow at the 2012 Missouri State Fair!