Kids, it's getting to be that time of year: Easter. And I know when I was a kid, I looked forward to that basket just as much as I looked forward to the bigger crowds at Sunday Church.

The Easter Bunny was never that big a deal in our house, but he did make visits. My grandparents had a small bit of land out in rural Smithton, and we'd go out there every weekend as a child. But Easter weekend was especially a big deal.

Grandma would say that the Easter Bunny could visit, but he couldn't hide eggs in our yard, so we'd have to do that ourselves. We'd dye the eggs and hide them, and then after church all the kids would get together and we'd try to find them. Sometimes there were a few plastic hollow ones with little goodies inside!

So it brings me to another memory: Easter Candy. You guys should let me know what your favorite Easter themed candy is in the poll!

Sweetly yours,


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